Dashboard PSU 3.0.x failing / Env: 5.1 / missing New-Guid

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.0.3

I have a Dashboard with an enviroment PS 5.1.
I am using the PS Module PoshKeePass and this one need 5.1

After upgrade to 3.0.x this Dashboard show no controls:

I only get the Error: New-Guid isnt a cmdlet…

I add Microsoft.PowerShell.Utility as Module but that didnt help:

The command is missing:

Have i missed something?

We are tracking this here. It sounds like other users are experiencing this as well.

After Update to 3.0.5 the command is still missing.
The Dashboard isnt working.

I try import the Module from Enviroment.
Import Modul in the Dashboard.
without calling Microsoft.PowerShell.Utility Module.

The Change Log 3.0.4 say this Problem was solved.
Is it rool back too?

From the local powershell enviroment i get:

There are functions. And the one New-Guid.

From the Admin/Dashboard/Console i get:
Screenshot 2022-06-29 155204
and there arent any functions…
another thing about the output is the version number. I have and the console prints

We removed uses of New-Guid in UD to avoid this issue. That said, I can see that New-Guid isn’t defined when I try to use it. I also see the strange issue with it loading the 3.0 version.

I’ll reactivate this issue. If you are using New-Guid directly or custom components that use New-Guid, you may have this problem. you shouldn’t be seeing this with the built-in UD components.

I’ve identified the issue. The PSModulePath is out of order. The Windows PowerShell paths come after the PowerShell 7 paths which is causing this issue. I’ll put out a 3.0.6 build to resolve this.

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