Console feature request


im looking to get a way to work with quick edit and the closest thing i can find is

which would require me to launch a new powershell window.
is there a way to get the packager to change the quickedit function or should i just do a registry check if else statement on $LauncherWindow_Load = {} and just set it there and close the form with a popup telling the user to relaunch the exe?

I could add this setting to the packager. I found the SO post you are referring to and it seems like you can avoid popping a new console by using the first answer:

If its possible to add this setting to the packager it would be amazing! I actually came across that post as well but having a packager setting would save a lot of time having to learn C# so I could convert that properly xD.

I’ve added a DisableQuickEdit setting: Package.psd1 - PowerShell Pro Tools

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