Computer 'Any' keeps appearing in PS Universal 3.5.5

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.5.5

I am having an issue I’ve been unable to find any information on with my instance of PS Universal.

Currently, I have PS Universal installed on a single server, using a single server license. However, my computer list keeps adding a phantom computer, called ‘Any’. This computer is offline, and has a last seen date of 01/1/1901.

This computer shows up in my list of servers available to run scripts on, which causes issues with the ‘Any Computer’ option to run scripts, as it may select the phantom ‘Any’ computer and never end up running.


I can set this computer to maintenance mode to at least remove it from the list, however, it will often come back out of maintenance mode.

Is there a way to remove this computer? I’ve tried to look through documentation but have been unable to find anything related.


This is a bug. In 3.6, you can remove computers to clean that up but it shouldn’t be created in the first place. I’ll open an issue for it so we can resolve this.

Thanks Adam!