Clickable link in Table (Pages)

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.7.14

Is it possible to have a clickable link within a Table in Pages?
I am trying to create a html link in a Table to thats to our tenants Azure portal, eventually other links as well.
I tried HTML and Markdown but Pages does not convert them in to clickable links.

Is this possible? If so, any exmaple I can use?

Hi @memphisraynz,

Do you mean you are trying to click a block of HTML or Markdown, or are you trying to click a button link, or some other graphic type?

The script feeding the Table within the Page is a Name and URL.
I’d like to make thr URL clickable from with the Table.

You would want to setup the columns for the table and then for the url column use the ‘render’ parameter to change the content of the column into a clickable link. Here is an example of doing so with a ‘name’ and ‘url’ property as your two columns for your table:

$columns = @(
    New-UDTableColumn -Property name
    New-UDTableColumn -Property url -Render {
        New-UDLink -url $EventData.url -Text "Click To Open" -OpenInNewWindow

Then apply the columns to your table. (ex: new-udtable -data $data -columns $columns)

That applies to tables in Dashboards, not tables in Pages (the XML based pages)

I recall creating an enhancement issue to add support for Buttons in page to work with GET API’s as those allow for returning a redirect. But I cant seem to find it either open or closed.:sweat_smile:

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ah sorry about that, I always forget about the pages feature