Clear UDTable on refresh?

I wrote a little tool based on code here that allows you to search a computer for software and display their versions in a table down below. It works fine but it retains the table data. I need it so if a new user loads the site, it starts fresh without a table showing or any data. I’ve tried variations of Clear-UDElement and clearing the variable itself.

Here is the code:

$Page4 = New-UDPage -Name "GetVer" -Title "GetVer" -Icon search -Content {

    New-UDInput -SubmitText "Search" -Title "Search for installed software" -Endpoint {


            [Parameter(Mandatory, HelpMessage = "Computer name")]


            [Parameter(Mandatory, HelpMessage = "Software")]



        $a = Get-CimInstance -computername $ComputerName -Class Win32_Product

        $Cache:Found = $a | Where-Object Name -like "*$software*" -erroraction stop 

        Sync-UDElement -Id 'results'


    New-UDElement -Id 'results' -Tag 'div' -Endpoint {

        if ($Cache:Found -ne $null) {

            New-UDTable -Id 'results'  -Title "Software found" -Header @("name", "version") -Endpoint {

                $Cache:Found | Out-UDTableData -Property @("name", "version")