Choco Install Behind Versions

@adam I noticed the Choco install ( for PSU is behind a couple of versions now. I’m not well versed in how this typically goes, but if more maintainers are needed for Ironman Software’s tools in places like Choco/Git, I’d be more than happy to volunteer. I love what you’re doing, and geek out about it on the rare occasion I get to have a conversation outside work with anyone about the wonders of PowerShell. All that said, please let me know if there is a way I can get involved, and if there is a need, maybe even add a topic here on the forums or in the FAQ where folks can get more info about getting involved :love_you_gesture::vulcan_salute:

We aren’t the maintainer of this package. One of the Chocolatey guys (steviecoaster) actually put this together. Looks like it’s not passing validation. Discussion is here:

Source is here:

Not sure how to help this along but maybe we need to get ahold of mr coaster.

Ah, I see. Okay. Well, I’ll reach out via Choco on Monday and see what can be done. Thanks!