Change folder for webserver

I’m trying to set up a universal dashboard behind an apache reverse proxy. The dashboard doesn’t load completely, and I believe it is because the initial JS returns with URL to the / root directory of the webserver, but my reverse proxy needs to be prefixed with a folder for it to route correctly.

Before I play around with apache configs to translate the URLs and web requests, I wanted to ask whether there was a simple way me to specify the folder that the dashboard is published to in the webserver. Basically, if there was a setting or argument I could send through that would make the dashboard available at :/dashboard/ rather than :/


I opened an issue on the project page a few months ago regarding this specific issue. Github - UDDashboard - Relative path for subdirectory support in IIS

There are some hardcoded references to the root in the javascript / html files. I wrote part of the solution in the ticket I opened. You can use this as a starting point.

The ticket is still open so I don’t think there’s a simple way implemented to use a relative path yet.