Case Sensitive - UDGrid sorting

as there are 3 open issues for this topic “Case Sensitive - UDGrid sorting” I had a look and give some advices but not that deep into JS/React/… to change it on my own.
Maybe someone can help me to cleanup the GH open issue list :wink:

Griddle is used in the background for the grid.
There are some related issues on GH and seems to have some solutions too.

one can be

<Griddle sortMethod={...}> now works as a high-level hook to override all columns’ sort behavior. It does not change default behavior (cc #466).

another can be to update the griddle version UD is using:

from “griddle-react”: “1.13.1” to v1.8 “Better sorting, filtering”

Thanks for highlighting this. I’ll consolidate these issues and bring this into the 2.9 milestone. This has been around forever and we should get this first…finally.

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