Cannot Click Embedded Buttons of UDTable While Loading Data

I have a dashboard that contains a UDTable as one of the elements of the webpage. This table gathers data from a MSSQL database and auto-refreshes at a user-defined interval. In addition, the table contains UDButton elements to take various actions.

A strange behavior I noticed is that while the table is rendering with new data at the specified refresh interval, the -OnClick script block is not executed. If I click the button inbetween refresh intervals, it works fine. A work around to this is to simply increase the refresh interval so you have more time to click the button, but one of the requests is that the table gather data as rapidly as possible.

Is this one of those “it is what it is situations”, or can or is there a solution I didn’t think about.

Thank you

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.10.2