Auto-Refresh UDTable from SQL

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 2.5.4

I have a dashboard that contains a UDTable. The data is getting pulled from a local SQLite database.

Is there a way to auto-refresh the UDTable on the dashboard whenever the data in the database is update… or set it on a schedule to update every X minutes?

NOTE: I have a isolated script that retrieves the data and is running every 5 minutes in Windows Task Scheduler. Would the best solution be to use Sync-UDComponent to connect to the table on the dashboard and force a refresh?

Yes and you might need to wrap the table in a UDDyanmic similar to this:

UDDynamic also supports auto refresh so you could keep it simple by just refreshing on an internval: Dynamic Regions - PowerShell Universal

That’s perfect and exactly what I was looking for. Thanks @adam . I’ll post my final example shortly.