Can see $User but not $UserInfo for the OIDC PSU app user

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 1.4.6

I can see $User. However, I cannot see $UserInfo. Using an OIDC app for the PSU app.

Any ideas what I am missing?

to be more specific

Does anyone know how to get the rest of the data from a user’s token (OIDC)?

The variables provided are $user and $userinfo:

# Only provides the UPN (if using B2B, the UPN only of the home-realm).

# I cannot seem to get any data from this.

I can see all the information I need to get to. I am a bit lost how to get to this information via code

These are coming from the claims property of the of the $User object in roles.ps1. The object structure is defined here:

You can check for claims by using something like this:

$User.HasClaim(''vti", "some value") #returns $true or $false 
# You can also return iterate claims like this 
$VtiClaims = $User.Claims | Where-Object Type -eq 'vti' 

Thanks Adam. Since we wanted the value outside of the roles.ps1 we used this.

$Session:ID = ($ClaimsPrincipal.Claims | Where-Object { 
        $_.Type -eq ''
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