Button to subpage

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.1.6

Hello :slight_smile:

Im trying to build an simple frontend / light cmdb, for all our SQL servers, databases, etc and wanted to use PSU Pages, since they seem super easy.

For testing purposes ive created 2 SQL tables, and added an foreign key to them:

Ive addd an API endpoint, to query each of the tables, and the “SQLInstances” table is shown as the “default frontpage” in PSU:

My goal is to have an button on the default frontpage, for each of the entries there. Once you click it, you should be redirected into an new page, that is unique for fx SQLSRV1 and shows the data from the http://localhost:5000/api/sql/sqlinstancestats

I cant seem to figure out how, to achieve this… Any ideas / guides on how to create an button, that forwards the SQLInstance value to the API, which the new page then pulls all the data from?