Background tasks (one time "UDEndpointSchedule"?)


I came across the following need:

execute a script in the background and update Cache variables and sync elements.
Does it makes sense to have a -OneTime parameter in the UDEndpointSchedule? (does not really fit with the schedule name).
Or should this be solved by using Powershell Jobs?

This maybe can also relate to this thread (-OneTime and manually trigger if required)

In order of “manually” trigger it could make sense to have a -Manually (no autom. execution) parameter

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@adam as you replayed that fast on my other threads, I hope to get a feedback on this too

Should I also open an issue for this?

Sure. It might make sense to have a override for New-UDEndpoint that doesn’t hook it up to anything. So then you can just use Invoke-UDEndpoint to call it when you want.


done -

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