Background green color for table cell in wed 20 nightly release

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 1.5.9

i have a page for retrieving services status, after installing last night release all of the sudden the column for the service status start showing green background even though am not using any style for any of the columns


i have tried to use the style and change the color with no luck , all of the other cells are fine except the ones for service status


sorry about that my bad, i accident push a version that im wrking on conditional formatting for table, i push the currect one and it should be in the nightly release

thank you

I have just downloaded the new release and the issue still the same.

it still in the running test phase its not release yet’ i will post in here the like to the new nightly release when our test finished

Ok thank you

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Just tested it and still the same.

this build should have the fixes

new error on above release



push a fix’ i’ll post the links here

Thank you, tested and validated working

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Latest 2 releases on Friday & Saturday still have the background color issue. Just FYI

Use the one from the above links

Am still using the one from above links but am referring to future releases of PU, is it going to have this feature always ?
i thought also that every new nightly release is aimed to fix issues and or add enhancements to PU in general that’s why i try new releases.

we have some merge issue and this will be fix tonight or tomorrow