AutoComplete with A.D

Just curious if anyone has ever done any autocomplete with Active Directory. I have a request for a form with a text box, where they want the user to begin typing someone’s given name and auto complete suggests best match to username (or vice versa, they haven’t made up their minds). I could pull in a Get-User -Filter* when the dashboard is initialized, but that seems to be slow. Just curious if anyone has done anything similar in another manner.

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 1.5.14

I use the Get-User -filter * like you’ve mentioned for a stepper that I have for disabling user accounts but our directory base isn’t that large so I don’t really see a hit on performance.

You could have a schedule job that runs which outputs the $users to an array and call that from your dashboard?

I’m kind of thinking that may be the best way to go, this customer’s user base is getting close to 9k. Thanks for the feedback.

You could cache your userbase using the PSUCache on a schedule. That would make the information relatively up to date (I mean… how frequently does your AD info change anyway?) and readily accessible.

We are 10k-11k users in our AD and every call are made inside the dashboard. It’s no issue so far.

Just because something isn’t an issue doesn’t mean it’s good. And your system’s available resources, or network speeds, may be higher than OP’s.

Caching is highly efficient.