Autocomplete Add new Item?

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.7.14

I am at a loss, i cannot seem to detect the value in the autocomplete in order to add it to the options, so that i can then save the new value somewhere, what am i missing?

New-UDAutocomplete -Options @("Test", "No", "Yes") -onEnter {
    Show-UDToast ((Get-UDElement -Id 'ac').value)
} -Id 'ac'

@adam, have i lost my mind and don’t know how to use your control or is this an enhancement request to be able to handle new user input if needed? if -onEnter would give me a $eventdata i could handle it myself and then sync the element, but that is kind of a pain since it makes the field blink.

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Another user had this issue with OnEnter today as well. This is a bug. I also think that OnEnter should be passing the current value to $EventData…