Assets not found in Universal Dashboard (PowerShell Universal 1.4.0 build 269667765)

I am running nightly build 269667765 (I understand this is pre-release) of PowerShell Universal on Windows.

Assets from components are not being loaded.
I assume something is going wrong around during the [UniversalDashboard.Services.AssetService]::Instance.RegisterAsset part of the component module being loaded.

Attached is an example of the maps component. You can see in the screenshot, the .map file along with the .png files cannot be found. In the top right (see arrow), it should be showing the layers.png to my understanding.

I am not sure when this stopped working as most components do not rely on additional resources. I only noticed it as I am trying to create a custom component and I could not get the .map file working nor additional resources\assets such as images.

Is there anything I can do to fix it or enable more logging?


Strange. That should actually have been fixed yesterday. This has been a bug for awhile and I only noticied recently that it wasn’t working when I used the map component.

Let me validate that the fix made it into that build and it’s working properly.

EDIT: Also, make sure that if you updated from a previous nightly build to wipe out the %ProgramData%\PowerShellUniversal folder and restart the Universal Server so it redeploys the updated dashboard framework.


I have wiped out the %ProgramData%\PowerShellUniversal folder and restart the Universal Server.

Now it does not load the map at all and presents the attached error


I just did a clean install of the same build and it’s working for me. Can you try to clear your browser cache?

I have just tried a different web browser and still cannot get this to load. (thus do not think it is cache related)

I have created a new dashboard, added the component and used the example code from

Are there debug logs that would help?

Hmmm yeah that’s the same example I’m using. Can you grab the logs from %ProgramData%\PowerShellUniversal? They might have some info.

I have emailed you the log. There are some exceptions in it. It looks like it is looking for some files the d drive - I do not have a d drive!

I have managed to get Maps working after doing the following:

  1. Uninstall (Add/Remove programs)
  2. Delete %ProgramData%\PowerShellUniversal
  3. Delete content from %ProgramData%\UniversalAutomation\ (this the bit that fixed it as I tied just 1 and 2 and that did not)
  4. Created a new dashboard and created a Map

My other issues was with a custom component not loading assets. This turned out to be an issue in the webpack.config.js file included in the us-custom-controls-template

I had to update publicPath from '/’ to ‘’ to get it to use a relative path as it was looking for the resources in the root of the webserver not the sub url for the dashboard