API Bug in 1.5.16

When submitting data to the rest api with post in this version I get the message System.IO.InvalidDataException: Form key length limit 2048 exceeded. universal dashboard
And the request fails with 404 in the sender end.

I tried rolling back to 1.5.15 and there it works with the same code in api endpoint.

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 1.5.16 

Bummer. Thanks for letting me know. I’ve opened an issue here: Form key length limit 2048 exceeded · Issue #146 · ironmansoftware/issues · GitHub

Can you let me know what kind of request you are trying to make? Large data payload or just something pretty simple?

There is some size variation, basically the api recieves some data from client computers, like list of software installed etc. so some computers report a long list others report a short list.
Added a line to dump the post body to a file before sending it onwards now, and the biggest file iv’e gotten is about 700kb, the smallest ones are like 10kb.

And none of these got through, so my assumption is that the payload size does not matter much?

It may be that anything over 2kb is causing the problem. I’m just assuming that based on this: Form key length limit 2048 exceeded.

I think it might be trying to interpret this as form data and when it goes to parse it (incorrectly), it throws that exception. I’ll give it a play and try to reproduce it.

ah, that potentially makes sense :slight_smile:
Thank you for investigating

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