Admins cannot revoke app tokens

I am having trouble deleting two old app tokens created under a previous version of PSU. I have an app token which was created for an identity which does not exist anymore (identity 39). The PSU UI does not allow me to delete this token nor can I remove the record from the Database.db file. I’m using LiteDB Studio to look at the database files.

I know I’m on a slightly older version of PSU - perhaps this was fixed in a newer version.

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 2.5.2

Is there an error when you attempt to delete it with LiteDB Studio. I’m surprised that doesn’t work.

No error. Well first I couldn’t figure out how to do a SQL delete in LiteDB Stuidio. Syntax was off apparently, seems the database stores data in a JSON object which makes traditional SQL statements not work. But I was able to flip the ‘Revoked’ bit from ‘false’ to ‘true’. Oddly enough after I restarted IIS and connected to the DB the ‘Revoked’ bit was flipped back to ‘false’.

No errors in the logs folder or Event Viewer either