AppToken is not persistent in DB in 1.3.0

Hi all

If I try to grant a new AppToken in the security tab, the token will be generated, but not persisted in the DB. If I restart the service, there is no more AppToken in the tab.
I noticed also, that the AppTokens I made before was deleted as I updated to 1.3.0.

Has anyone of you the same behavior with 1.3.0?

Hey !

I noticed that the tokens we’re disapearing from the Admin UI but they still are working even though they are not showing anymore.

Is it something you are experiencing as well ?

Hi @Speegel

I did not try that (Good point).

I was playing with 1.3.0. Then I noticed that the AppToken disaperad from the UI. I tried to create a new one for 3 times, after creation I was able to see the token. As soon as the Service is restarted the token is not available anymore in the UI. The Table AppToken in the DB was also empty.

I’ll try to Update again to 1.3.0 and do not touch the AppTokens and try to authenticate.

Hi @Speegel

I can confirm the behavior.
No tokens in the UI, but I can still access with the configured Tokens as you described. The AppToken Table in the DB is (looks) empty.

Probably the magic of session or cache variables. It clearly seems like PSU is removing tokens.

@adam can you take a look at this? it’s pretty weird :smiley:

@viscop: seems like it’s a known issue : Possible Issue with v 1.3? No tokens are showing in admin interface

Sorry for the ping Adam !

thanks a lot in advance !