ADFS Authentication broken in 2.7?

I currently have a dashboard (version 2.6.2) running on IIS that uses
$Auth = New-UDAuthenticationMethod -MetadataAddress 'https://myfederationmetadatahere.xml" -wtrealm “https://mydashboardurlhere” for ADFS authentication.

This works fine in 2.6.2 but when I try doing this in 2.7 the page comes up blank and does not redirect to my ADFS signin page. If I change the AuthenticationMethod to use -Windows, my page loads fine so it appears there is something broken with 2.7 and ADFS authentication.

Anybody else using ADFS (not Azure) for authentication and seeing the same results with 2.7?

I did roll back to 2.6.2 for now and my page is redirecting to ADFS properly again.

Hi @jdmuetzel I believe you would be best logging this type of a issue on Github…I am sure @adam will appreciate the heads-up on this issue

I personally only use normal AD authentication which still works ok…

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