Adding multiple links into single cell in grid

I am trying to visualize some data coming out of our CI systems, and I had initially hoped that I would be able to get something like Tree Grid or sub-grids working, but that seems as if it is not implemented yet.

So what I was planning on doing, initially was to get the result of each build, and display it something like this:

But I would like each of the check marks / Red crosses to be clickable either a link to the actual build information, or some kind of modal, that will pop up some basic information, and a link to the actual build.

I have tried adding multiple New-UDLink’s to a single cell, that does not work, I have tried adding HTML, but when I add an <a href> the entire dashboard seems to stop loading. I have tried different variations of passing stuff in as collections, Arrays etc. It is probably me, overlooking something simple, so any suggestions would be welcome.

a OnClick event on the Icon would solve the problem right?