Adding line Breaks to text in a hash table

Good morning PSU Community,

I’ve been working on building a UDTable inside of a UDForm and have come across an issue where line breaks don’t show up in the form.

Example Code

$formData = @(

                @{Task = "Inquire with the new hire’s manager to determine:`n● Where the new hire will be seated.`n● What software packages the new hire will require.`n● If the new hire is an engineer, inquire if they should be given a general-purpose laptop or an engineering laptop for design work requiring enhanced graphics processing. `n● If ERP account(s) are required, create linked request(s) for each ERP access for the ERP technician to configure for the particular RBAC role and provide login information. [Article]`n● If offsite/VPN access will be required. If you do not have access to create a VPN account, create a linked request for an infrastructure technician."}

                @{Task = "Create an Active Directory user account for the new hire of the site’s respective Users OU. Use a secure temporary password of your choice. Configure fields as outlined in: [Article]"}
            $Columns = @(
                New-UDTableColumn -Property Completed -Title Completed -Render { 
                New-UDTableColumn -Property NA -Title NA -Render { 
            New-UDTableColumn -Property Ticket -Title "Needs Escalation" -Render { 
                New-UDTextbox -Id "Ticket Number" -Label "Ticket Number"
            New-UDTableColumn -Property Task -Title Task
            New-UDTableColumn -Property Article -Title Article -Render { 
                New-UDButton -Text "Article"
            New-UDTable -Data $formData -Columns $Columns

You can see in the first row I have the line break marks but in the table output no breaks can we seen.

If I do this in a local PowerShell session I get the result I expect. Is this a known issue or something I need to change in the code?

Thank you!

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 2.0.0

You might need to do some formatting in the -Render method for that column. You can use New-UDStyle to mess with the CSS styles of the content to see if that helps at all.

Can you right click the cell that contains the text and click Inspect Element? It’ll give some info on what’s causing it to wrap like this.