Accessing Variables from within a Terminal

How can we access variables from within a terminal?

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.9.7

Can you give a little more detail? what type of variable? is the terminal one you have created under the automation menu or one from an app/dashboard?

I dont really have a need to do this, but just tried on 4.0.10 by creating a terminal in the automation menu and using get-psuvariable but it keeps asking me to use connect-psuserver (I’d have assumed since I’m running it locally it would automatically use the integrated flag, but even with this it still wont connect.)
Trying to address variables directly $myVar or $secret:myVar also doesnt seem to work.

Now the problem with using Connect-PSUServer -computername “url” -AppToken, is that copy/paste does not function in these terminals so it’s not really practical with a really long token value.

I’m assuming this is a genuine bug since the Get-PSUVariable has the -integrated flag and this should just work.

Since you’re on a different version I would try using Get-PSUVariable -integrated and see if that works first, otherwise it might be one that needs logging in the issue tracker.

As long as you running the dashboard, the go to,terminal in the web interface, select the session and you should be good to go, as in to call variables etc. and do not forget to read the manual