Accessing items from assets folder

I have a number of mock sites I have created to facilitate automation demos for customers. For all of these I have configured a published folder for accessing images, documents, etc.

The published folder works just fine for almost all document types, but some it seems unable to find in the assets folder. For example, when pulling from a sqlite database file, I constantly get the error below (notice I am running this through ngrok, to mask the localhost:5000 address).

It works if I give it a real path, such as C:\Users\Jeremiah\Documents…, but not with the published folder. Just curious if anyone has run into this, or has any thoughts. I’d much prefer being able to be consistent in the pathing to resources.

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.9.21

Circling back to this after a couple of months, and found it is still an issue in 3.10.5. I can reference a text or image file using the assets folder (see below):

reference as http://mysite/assets/file.png

But other files, such as a sqlite file or csv, I get the above error. Should this be submitted as a bug, or is it intended to only work with certain files and we just need clarification in the docs?