1.3 broken on IE 11 & Opera

Hi all,

Anyone else having issues trying to access your local install of powershell universal site when using IE 11 or Opera? Only seems to work on Chrome now. Was working before on 1.2.9. Installed the MSI to update and then it stopped working.

We don’t officially support IE11 but I can take a look to see what’s wrong there. Not sure why Opera doesn’t work…

actually tbh I normally use Opera, not IE, but I’m realising we probably would need it working on IE in my organisation (NHS) as its still the end-users’ default browser due to various legacy apps in healthcare… :man_facepalming:t6:.

I don’t think you’re alone and we might need to change our support stance for IE. It’s usually possible to get it to work for the most part with some polyfills.