Your company website, account > forget password is not functioning


I have fill the contact form, so please read it. Also did it before, but not get a response.

So I want to ask you, please check my mail from the contact form and the forget password function.

Will be much appreciated.

I responded via the support channel.

As for the forgot my password function, please try creating a new account with It doesn’t appear you have an account within our Auth0 authentication provider. Unfortunately, when this is the case, when you submit the Forgot Password form, it never sends an email for some reason. If you register with your email for your account, you will be able to see all your orders within the Account portal.

Thanks, for the verry quick reply and I have access to my account now. Maybe it’s smart to put a little description on the page, that if you have a working “” or something, that you maybe need to signup if you don’t recieve a password.

Or send that by mail, that the account is not found and maybe needs a signup, so it’s not looking like mail it totally not send.