Windows Claims - Multiple Policies per page?

Title pretty much says it all, can you have more then 1 authorization policy per page?

Yes. The -Authorization parameter of New-UDPage takes an array of strings.

Tim Curwick

Would that just be {“Policy1”, “Policy2”}


Thank you!


New-UDPage -Name 'Admin' -AuthorizationPolicy 'ExchAdmin', 'O365Admin' -Content {}
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So, i am finally getting around to trying to add this and i am not having any luck getting this implemented.

Here is what i have tried:

New-UDPage -Name "Accounts Page" -AuthorizationPolicy @("UserPolicy", "ITPolicy") -Icon "users" -Content {}
New-UDPage -Name "Accounts Page" -AuthorizationPolicy "UserPolicy", "ITPolicy" -Icon "users" -Content {}
New-UDPage -Name "Accounts Page" -AuthorizationPolicy 'UserPolicy', 'ITPolicy' -Icon "users" -Content {}

None of these have worked for the second policy listed. In all 3, the UserPolicy processed but not ITPolicy.

The ITPolicy functions properly if on a different page where it is the only one listed.

Thank you!

I have not actually tried it myself. My response was based on the embedded Help for the command. So it should work…

For now, I would create a separate, single AccountsPolicy, that combines the checks of the other two policies.

Tim Curwick


did someone figured out a solution to this? Because I stumbled exactly over the same problem.


It was a bug and is slated to be fixed in 2.4

thanks for the quick response! really appreciated!

just tried it in the new beta version 2.4 and its working. :+1:

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