Variables / State

Product: PowerShell Universal 3.4.4 (3323417812)

I have a question about variables and state:

On a page, I have an UDSelect with a few options. That value is used to query a database and populate a variable that a UDTransferList uses to create it’s options. When the selection changes on the Select, I want to use that value to query the database and get a new list and update the UDTransferList options.

So far I have that working using onchange for the UDSelect , getting the value, retrieving the list and setting a Session Variable, then the UDTransferList is wrapped in a New-UDElement and I call the Sync on the Wrapper UDElement.

The catch is, I would like to be able to open multiple tabs in the same browser and have them independent. But, using a session variable, it is no longer isolated to the page, and as expected it is instead messing with the other tab.

Is there an easier way to do this? I have tried it without the session specifier, but the wrapper udelement and the transferlist only see the old values. I have tried with “global:” specifier on the variable and also doesn’t get updated values.

Thank You. Dave

There currently isn’t a way to do this. We have an open issue for $Page: scoped variables that would behave as expected.

A work around would be to use the $ConnectionID variable because it would be independent of session but tied to the current page.

You’d have to do something like:

New-UDSelect -Option {
    New-UDSelectOption -Name 'Test' -Value 'Test'
} -OnChange {
    Set-Item -Path "Session:$($ConnectionID)_MySelect" -Value $EventData

New-UDButton -OnClick {
    $Value = Get-Item "Session:$($ConnectionID)_MySelect" 
     Show-UDToast $Value

Great, thank you! I’ll use that option for now. Any idea when the $Page scope will be implemented?

It’s currently not slated for 3.6 so likely 3.7, which will be a January 2023 release.

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Great to hear this Adam :slight_smile:

Workarounds are easy enough (once you know what to do), but having $Page will be a nice QoL and ease of use feature. Thanks for all your work!