Variables - Secrets - Cant update roles or rename

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 4

We recently upgraded to v4 and noticed that under variables, you can specify roles for the variable. Guessing this is who can read that secret? Why can you not change or edit the roles for the variable after it’s created through the UI?

Also, why cant we rename the secret after its created through the UI?

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Both of those are bugs. You should be able to update roles and rename the secret.

You can modify the roles in variables.ps1 but renaming the variable likely won’t actually update the secret.

Noticed that a while back, too. The only option currently is to destroy the secret altogether and recreate with the proper roles each time it needs adjusting.

Not ideal lol

Not at all, especially because many of the Secret variables are things like API keys, app passwords, etc. that can’t be [easily] retrieved, so it leads to other headaches and such.