Use Pipelineoutput in other Script

Hi Guys,
I’m Migrating UD to Universal right now and searched the Forum for this Topic and I am quite desperate right now.

In the first Script, I create an output with an objecttype: Microsoft.UpdateServices.Internal.BaseApi.Update

In the second Script, I get the output from the first with: $kbupdates = (Get-PSUJobPipelineOutput -Job (Get-PSUJob -Script (Get-PSUScript -name “get-wsuskbstatus.ps1” -Integrated) -Status Completed -OrderDirection Descending -First 1 -Integrated) -Integrated)
A gm on the Object $kbupdates returns a Type: Deserialized.Microsoft.UpdateServices.Internal.BaseApi.Update, which means there are a couple of Methods missing.

So my question is: How can I Import the output of the first Script as a not deserialized Objecttype, so I am able to work with the Methods I need.

I hope this was understandable and thanks in advance

Product: PowerShell Universal

You won’t be able to do so. When a job is completed, the object is stored as CliXml and is no longer a live object.

If you want live objects, you will just need to call one script from the other using standard dot sourcing.

Thanks Adam.