Updating Modules

I am running PSU as a service, I want to update modules without restarting the service. What is the best practice to do this without disrupting jobs, endpoints and dashboards currently in use? I currently restart the service for every test. I figured out that I can remove the module in a script, then re-import to get the changes, is that the only other way?

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.4.1

Are you updating your own custom modules or installing\updating modules that are external to PSU?

Hi Adam,
Iā€™m updating my own modules stored in PSU repository

We made a change in 3.8 to automatically refresh the PSU runspace pool for APIs and Dashboards to allow for picking up module changes without restart the service.

  • APIs and Dashboards will now reload modules changed in PSU (#1920)
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