Unauthorized Access Page

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 2.3.1

I am using OIDC against Okta on the PU install. When my session expires I get the Unauthorized Access Page but neither of the buttons on that page are useful. To reauthenticate, I need to revisit the base URL and I am seamlessly signed in again (assuming my okta session hasn’t also timed out). Is there a cleaner way of dealing with that?

Interesting. You may be able to play with the session timeout value in appsettings.json. I would expect the “Your Session Has Timed Out” box to pop up and then when you click login it would effectively reload the page and log you back in.

This user experience sounds like a bug to me or at least in need of enhacement where the buttons on the page would cause a login.

Ok so increasing the timeout in appsettings.json definitely helps. Would be nice if the buttons were functional though so when I roll this out to our users we don’t get unnecessary support calls.

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