UDTreeNode Values keep expanding into itself

Hey everyone - Implementing UDTreeNode and I notice when I get to the end of my “tree” and click the node it continues to expand the previous values…

Am i doing something wrong?

New-UDTreeView -ActiveBackgroundColor ‘#DFE8E4’ -Node $(New-UDTreeNode -Name ‘View Groups’ -Id ‘view-delegations’ -Icon search_plus) -OnNodeClicked {
foreach (group in (_.CustomerGroupObjects | ConvertFrom-Json)) { New-UDTreeNode -Name (group.GroupName) -Id ($group.GroupId) -Icon folder

And what happens is this (see below) where I only want the first 4 Tree Nodes… it seems to be wrapping the foreach…

example of folder view, i hope it will help you

    New-UDTreeView -Node (
        New-UDTreeNode -Name "Antd" -Children {
            Get-ChildItem -Path "$PSScriptRoot\UniversalDashboard.Antd" | % {
                $Current = $_
                if ($Current.PSIsContainer) {
                    New-UDTreeNode -Name $Current.Name -Icon folder -Children {
                        Get-ChildItem -Path $Current.FullName -File | % {
                            # $icon = (Set-Icon -Extension $_.Extension)
                            if($_.Extension -eq '.ps1'){New-UDTreeNode -Name $_.Name -Icon terminal}
                            if($_.Extension -eq '.psd1'){New-UDTreeNode -Name $_.Name -Icon terminal}
                            if($_.Extension -eq '.psm1'){New-UDTreeNode -Name $_.Name -Icon terminal}
                            if($_.Extension -eq '.jsx'){New-UDTreeNode -Name $_.Name -Icon react}
                            if($_.Extension -eq '.js'){New-UDTreeNode -Name $_.Name -Icon js}
                            if($_.Extension -eq '.md'){New-UDTreeNode -Name $_.Name -Icon markdown}

yup that did the trick - I realized after looking at your example I was using the OnNodeClick instead of Children.

Working as expected now.