UDTextbox password bug

After spending hours trying to get it to work, I found the open issue that confirms it’s not just me. https://github.com/ironmansoftware/universal-dashboard/issues/342

When using Get-UDElement to get a UDTextbox of type Password, the Value attribute is missing.

Any idea when this might be fixed?

Any workarounds in the meantime? (A regular textbox works, of course, but masked password fields have been ubiquitous for so long that it will raise red flags with users if I don’t use one here.)

Tim Curwick

I forgot that UDInputField also has a password option. It’s not ideal, but I’ll use that for now, if no one has a better suggestion.

TIm Curwick

Just fixed the issue with New-UDTextbox. I’m gonna roll out a 2.2.1 version with a bunch of fixes:

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