UDStack inside UDSTack issue

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 4.0.0-beta5

I created some forms using columns with size values and cards with fixed height but i realized that every time i change something (add or remove) i have to correct height sizes of the cards to make all forms look consist.
Then I read about udstack feature and I thought that this will allow me to flexibly display different forms
So get to the point.
I created one big column with different seizes.

New-UDColumn -ExtraSmallSize 12 -SmallSize 12 -MediumSize 10 -LargeSize 8 -ExtraLargeSize 

Then I created UDstack with two elements (that should divide container to two equal cards)

New-UDCard -Title 'Data' -Style @{height = 272;background = '#FAFAFA'} 
New-UDCard -Title 'Description' -Style @{background = '#FAFAFA'}

And with such code everyting is ok

But if I add another UDStack as second column (to display 2 cards in the second column

New-UDStack -Direction column -Children {
                New-UDCard -Title 'Description' -Style @{background = '#FAFAFA'} -Content {
                    New-UDTypography -Text "Script will display info about user account in AD"
                New-UDCard -Title "Script Info" -Style @{background = '#FAFAFA'} -Content {
                    New-UDTypography -Text "Script will display info about account in CORP AD"

Page looks like that:

Is this some kind of issue or I misunderstood concept of how if works
I want to achieve it in easiest way and so that will be flexible (i don’t want to correct this every time i change something on the page)