UDSlider value selected

Hey @psDevUK

Does the Slider let you capture the value selected to be passed to a variable for further use?


Hello @abarrozo thanks for taking the time to explore this component…I am sure I had this working…as in read the value…but I cannot now seem to replicate this…this component was inspired by @AlonGvili and the work he is doing for V3…I will look into this and rebuild component if required, as it’s bugging me now :crazy_face:

Ok! I thought it was just me! I don’t like my workarround LOL…



Dude, someone else also asked on this, I know V3 has it so I was like not sure was worth me re-visiting this component…but tonight I built this…

Then I binded it to UD correctly this time, so I can read the value selected:-

Going to do some mods on it tomorrow, but I will look to hopefully publish this to the marketplace tomorrow :crazy_face:

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Ok bud taken me slightly longer than expected, but these are crazy times right now…so I found a different slider component, and this time did the binding properly to UD, you can currently find this here:-


U rock!! Thanks!!

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I tried to put together a half decent readme for this:-

Works Great! Just implemented it in my Dashboard. Quarantine gave me time to do so. Hope you are doing OK in the UK. Thanks!

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