UDMap support for Non-geographical maps?

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 1.4.6

We are onboarding Universal Dashboard and I get to choose a project to showcase. I am thinking of writing a pseudo-realtime map of our floorplan with PC information overlayed. Basically a little map to correlate PCs and their location within our floorplan.

The important note here is “floorplan”. The map would not be a geological map with traditional longitute/latitude for marker placement. Rather, the base layer would be an image of the floorplan (svg?) and it would have a custom coordinate system for locating markers.

This seems possible based on the following leaflet tutorial: Non-Geographical Maps

With the current UDMap commands I don’t think I can implement the above solution.
The missing pieces from my (potentially naive) point of view are:

  1. The ability to change the CRS (Coordinate Reference System) of the map.
  2. The ability to add an image overlay. (I kind of want to avoid setting up a whole tile server just to host a floorplan)

I’d love to be wrong and have someone say “it’s possible, look into x” :slight_smile:
If it’s not currently possible, what would next steps be? A feature request? Maybe taking a crack at a custom component myself? I’m hoping that adding these features won’t be too much work as the leaflet stuff is mostly there already.

I’ll certainly be writing up a blog post if I can get this off the ground as I’m sure it would be super helpful for a bunch of other folks.

Let me know what you folks think.

This currently isn’t supported by UDMap, but as you said, we have leaflet integrated so maybe it wouldn’t be too hard to add this type of functionality. I’d love if you could open a feature request with the above ask and any info.

I appreciate the link to the leaflet tutorial as that will make it much easier to implement.

Sure thing, I’ll spin up a proper feature request and get some additional links in there as well.

Thanks Adam.

Created enhancement issue: UDMap support for Non-geographical maps · Issue #1296 · ironmansoftware/issues · GitHub

I think I covered everything in that novel but if you’ve got any questions, ask away. Also if there’s anything else I can do to help out I’d be glad to try.

Hey HeuristicBishop, I am working on a similar project. Were you able to find anything that worked?

Unfortunately not yet. This has essentially been put on hold for me.
I check back in on occasion to see if anything has been updated but nothing so far.

I’ll be sure to update here if that changes for me.

Thanks. I will as well.