UD forums notifications

Anyone noticed how the forum tends to notify you on random devices?
Sometimes i get an email notification, sometimes i get notifications in the notifications on my computer, other times on my phone. Most of the time: nothing.

Is this an issue with multiple devices, user related or forum framework?

I mostly just use the chat integration we have for Slack and that always comes through on every post. The email notifications have been flaky at best for me. I pretty much get one of those a day even though when I go into the forums I see I’ll have like 10 notifications.

I can bring this up to Discourse to see if there is a way to smooth it out or debug it.

Could be an chrome issue, as im using chrome for the notifications on both devices. Havent tried the official Discourse app yet, as the chrome embedded thingy works like a charm otherwise.

Elaborate the slack integration please, im intrigued:-O

You trying to earn a new badge?

It doesn’t look like the slack integration is per user. It’s only for the entire instance. You might be able to check in your user settings to see if there is anything slack specific.

Yeah, going for the 364 days :open_mouth:

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Only thing avaliable is github i believe, ill check it at work tomorrow :slight_smile:

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