UA Secret Vault Referencing / Using


I am trying to reference a secret I stored in UA under Variable in the default vault.
Is there a working example referencing a secret inside a job?
I think personally I might be messing up on how I am calling the secret:

$MyStoredSecret = Get-UAVariable -Name MySecret1
Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 1.5.14

From a dashboard you can just call it by its variable name: (AutomationDBKey is my secret)
Page example (working with KeePass to get credentials):
$pages += New-UdPage -Name “KeepassTest” -Content {

    $KeepassEntry = Get-KeePassEntry -DatabaseProfileName "AutomationDB" -MasterKey $AutomationDBKey | select-Object CreationTime, Expires, UserName, Url, Notes, DatabaseProfileName, ParentGroup

    $KeepassGroup = Get-KeePassGroup -DatabaseProfileName "AutomationDB" -MasterKey $AutomationDBKey | Select-Object Name, FullPath, IconId

    New-UdGrid -Container -spacing 2 -Content {

        New-UdGrid -Item -LargeSize 12 -SmallSize 12 -Content {

            New-udTable -data $KeepassEntry -Title "KeepassEntry" -dense -showsearch


        New-UdGrid -Item -largeSize 12 -smallSize 12 -content {

            New-udTable -data $KeepassGroup -Title "KeepassGroup" -dense




Same goes for within a script: Write-Output “AutomationDBKey: $AutomationDBKey”