TV Remote with UD and an old Galaxy S4

Many moons ago I lost my TV remote, and the “green shutdown” feature which forced me to get out of the couch every 4 hours during bingewatching really started to bother me.

Since the missus got me an raspberry pi for christmas, i finally got around to address this issue.
Sadly, my education in low voltage electronics failed me. 3 fried IR diodes later i realized that 5V -ne 3,3V, and a resistor would’ve done the trick.
In a shelf i found my old Samsung Galaxy S4, with built in IR blaster and a fancy TV Remote App (see the readme).

And so, the TV Remote UD was born!

Check it out.


Happy hunting


Dude I would of never of dreamed of doing this with universaldashboard. Really awesome work fella. :+1:

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So because its just powershell now i can turn off the tv for my kids and my wife , and drive them crazy :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:, i love this , thanks for this .

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Using selenium and background jobs

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I like your idea!
I’ve API-fied this now, to mess with the missus whilst at work :open_mouth:
And might aswell throw in Google Home integration whilst i’m at it :angel:

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