Topic suggestion: Snippets

I think it would be a neat idea for a category to have snippets of code that solved a particular function in dashboards. For example, “Top 10 services in a grid” or “VM health status from Azure”, etc. That way people don’t necessarily have to reinvent the wheel.

You mean like a category on the forum for snippets?

I’m open to any hierarchy on the forums, but yeah kind of a place where people can post reusable snippets that can be used in dashboards. I noticed a lot of my Endpoints are generic and reusable, and though what a neat idea if we could post on the forums for others to use as well.

Cool. I like that idea a lot. I tend to answer a lot of the same questions with a lot of the same code. What if we called it “Recipes” or “Cookbook”. Kind of like programming books that solve specific problems.


Just created a category here:

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Submitted my first cookbook, thanks!

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This is great guys! awesome suggestion @artvandelay440, will definitely help folks out there…

Suggestion: add an area to the Login web page for us to add additional text. We have many systems - some require a UPN/Email address, some require just a UserID/SamAccountname, some require domain\UserID, etc. Would like to tell the user something like this:

Enter your USERID Example: AC12345

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