Textbox Size and enter for search?

Running latest version of PowerShell Universal.

I’m wondering if it’s possible to change the size of the textbox? As it’s for now it’s to short for me.
Also if I write something there that I want for example search on can I add so I can press enter to search? Now I do need to click a separated button and well it’s ok but my usually workflow is to just push enter.

The -FullWidth parameter will set the textbox to the full width of it’s container. You can use that in combination with UDColumn to create a textbox based on the width of the column.

As for pressing enter, that’s only possible in a form at the moment. I see you opened a feature request for this. It is something we’ll have to implement within UD.

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Perfect! I did miss that completely.

Maybe it should bee great if you can add percentage instead? But I guss that you can use columns for it also.

Yeah. We could get that added. I’d also like to see a -Style parameter on all components so that you could pass in any CSS property you like.

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