Terminal with PSSession?

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.7.6

Is enter-pssession supposed to work from a terminal? It doesn’t seem to do anything for me

We have our client machine firewall set to block remote powershell except from a few specific sources, one of them being the Universal server. There are times where remote powershell would be handy for troubleshooting, and rather than RDP to the server I would like to be able to use the web terminal.

Seems like creating the pssession works, and I can invoke commands over the session, but not enter it.

Bumping this to see if anyone knows if this is expected.

This must be a limitation of the PSU host. I think we’d need to open a feature request to support this properly.

I can pssession in an rdp session on the host itself without problem. Would this be a cred-ssp issue?

We use a custom host in PSU that might not work with interactive remoting sessions. Although I don’t think it’s a cred-ssp problem, I will have to play around with it to know for sure.