Streaming live data - is it possible?

This is more of a general question to see if it’s possible. As far as I’m aware the limit of refreshing endpoints or tables is 1 second.
Is there a way to display live data which updates multiple times a second? I imagine this is a fairly heavy task and would have to be done server side to stream the data to the element but I wanted to see if it’s possible with UD.
I’m trying to display telemetry data which has the ability to update thousands of times a second but of course could be throttled.

Hey @tom.obrien

You may want to checkout


Monitors are a special kind of chart that tracks data over time. 
Monitors are good for displaying data such as server performance stats that change frequently. 
You return a single value from a monitor and it is graphed automatically over time.

If not, hopefully someone else can chime in.
I have not used that component personally yet.