Static page: Update info on a card

Hi, I have a Card containing -text, with a number that reflects members of a group.

I thought it worked pretty good, until I discovered the number only updates when the entire site was restarted (Which does happen very often at the moment).

Charts and grids updates just fine on the page.

Is there a way to simply display a number that updates based on code in my UDEndpoint? (($Cache:GroupMembers).Count)

You’ll likely need to use the -Endpoint parameter instead of the -Content parameter of the parent for the UDCard.

If you post a snippet of your code, I can point you in the right direction.

I’m not sure how to use the endpoint parameter on a UDCard.

-Endpoint { “Test” } just gives me a blank card.

So I slept on it and got a bit closer.

The card that needs to show a updated number, is contained within a UDColumn, together with a Chart.
Now changing the UDColumn to -Endpoint from -Content, actually worked for the UDCard, but of course the Chart didn’t like it.

Getting closer.

You know, using a UDCounter makes loads more sense.