Set-UDElement Hidden not working on form

I have a form that modal that displays when a user click’s ‘Modify’ next to a row in a table. There is a select box that I do not want displayed if the switch control above if set to false. I tried different ways to hide it and it is not working. The -OnChange on the switch works, but even just hiding it off the bat after the element is not working.

The goal is to not display a select box if the option before is to select all available jobs. When modifying a record, it might already have all jobs selected, so therefore it should hide the select box.

New-UDelement -Id 'modifyJobCodes' -tag 'div' -content { 
 New-UDSelect .... 

                Set-UDElement -Id 'modifyJobCodes' -Attributes @{ 
                    attributes = @{ 
                        style = @{ 
                            display = "none" 

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.2.3