Serving Files with Universal Dashboard through IIS

First off, this is my first post on this site (or really any for that matter), so please understand if I don’t follow any norms or standards with this post.

I am attempting to move a UD from a standalone published Dashboard to one that is served via IIS. So far, it has been going fairly well (besides the annoying 502.5 error). The one thing I am not sure how to correct is when serving files via share within UD. My gut tells me that I probably have to do this through IIS separate from UD.

The general process is that a user clicks an item from a drop down box, is prompted with a Modal and enters the information, and then the process will build an .xml file in a folder that is served as a share created in the Dashboard file. Then, the user gets a download link to the file and click the link and boom, the file downloads to their laptop.

This works fine when running as a self-contained UD, but when running within IIS, the share\link doesn’t seem to work anymore (404 error).

Relevant code

Share creation
$SharedFolder = Publish-UDFolder -Path "$PSScriptRoot\Files" -RequestPath "/share"

Start-UDDashboard -Dashboard $dashboard -PublishedFolder @($PublishedFolder,$SharedFolder) -Port $DashboardPort -Endpoint @($Schedule)

Link that is presented to the user

 Foreach($file in $session:download){
    New-UDColumn -size 3 -Content {
     New-UDElement -Tag 'a' -Attributes @{
          'href' = "http://Server:1234/share/$($file.split('\')[-1])"
           'download' = "$($file.split('\')[-1])"
        } -Content {

hey, are you using Powershell universal or just universal dashboard ?
what version of ud do you use ?

I am sorry, I am not fully sure the difference between Powershell Universal and Universal Dashboard. We have downloaded and are running the module Universal Dashboard Community 2.9.0. I assume that means the answer is Universal Dashboard.

I believe the issue seems to be browser related. I have attempted this same process via Google Chrome and it works without an issue. However, Firefox is not attempting to download the file but open it within the browser which fails with an http://u0001620/share/grnw2.xml error.


I would take a look at the FireFox settings under Applications. Its possible that there is a default set for the type of file you are downloading from your dashboard. Verify the file type association and set it to always ask. We have a product at my company that se some time see the same issues with file associations with FireFox.

Open Menu -> Options -> Scroll Down to Applications

Could it be related to MIME type filtering perhaps?

However, if it’s just firefox acting up and only on your computer, I would suggest clearing cookies for the dashboard site or keep running in incognito mode while troubleshooting this one, just to keep the variables to minimum.