Send Message to all connected App Users?

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 4.1.0

Hi Adam,

is it possible to send an Message (Restart Warning or so) to all connected App/Dashboard Users?

I see the Event Hub … but i dont know how to use this…

I’ve done something similar by using a dynamic region applied on all pages, and then using Set-UDElement with the broadcast flag to set the content of that region to use a Show-UDToast for all users currently active on the site.
That’s one potential approach, but it does require you add the component to all pages (not an issue for me as I templated/wrapped my pages when I import them so I can do that fairly easily).
I basically used that method 10mins before my nightly web app restart to warn any active users the site would be going down for maintenance and would be briefly back online (just a reboot).