Scripts Folder View

When a user is restricted to only certain scripts via role or tag, they are seeing a list of folder paths in the left pane. There’s a few things I’m seeing that would enhance this to be more intuitive:

  1. Only display folders and subfolders that the identity has access to
    a. Currently if a user has access to one script in one folder they can still see every folder and subfolder in the entire environment.
    b. In the screenshotted example, the user should only see “Repository\Helpdesk” as those are the only folders that contain scripts they have access to
  2. Allow for expand/contract tree view like admins have
    a. Currently this just lists all folders and subfolders in an organized way
  3. Sort this view alphabetically for all users
    a. Currently this list appears to be sorted by modified/created date
    b. This would be ideal for the administrators’ view as well

Attached screenshots show the admin view with expand/contract organization as well as the restricted user view seeing all folders and subfolders.

Good feedback. Thanks! I’ve opened an issue for it.

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